Elephants of Chobe National Park

I adore elephants. They’re my favourite animals I think, and I find their intelligence and social skills absolutely fascinating. One of the best places in Africa to see a lot of these wonderful animals is Chobe National Park in Botswana. Continue reading “Elephants of Chobe National Park”

A fiery weekend in Akagera National Park

A week and a half ago we decided to dig out our tent and go to Akagera National Park in the east of Rwanda for a long weekend (15th August was a holiday). We loved camping in South African parks and nature reserves, and have been missing it since leaving the country in December last year. Akagera is about 2.5 hours’ drive from Kigali so perfect for a weekend away to chill close to nature. It turned out more adventurous than expected though, and not necessarily in a good way… Continue reading “A fiery weekend in Akagera National Park”