New chickens and a bit of rain

I’ve been trying to post something for the past couple of weeks, I’ve even started to draft a post about a lovely weekend away at the start of the month, but somehow I haven’t been able to finish it. Internet has been slow, my thoughts slightly scattered, and I just couldn’t concentrate. But hopefully that’s passed now! Last weekend proved more emotional than I expected…

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5 things I’m getting used to in Rwanda

I’m slowly settling down in Kigali. The main works in the house are finished (although our toilet is blocked again), our cat is no longer afraid of the chickens (but he still isn’t sure about the rabbit – yes, we have two chickens that lay beautiful eggs, and a cute free-roaming rabbit that is more like a goat as he eats nearly everything), the weather is lovely and I’ve just started working (very part-time but still). However, there are things I’m still getting used to and although they’re not giving me sleepless nights, I still find them a bit odd or slightly awkward. Here goes, in no particular order.

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First barrier – language

It’s been nearly 4 weeks since we arrived in Rwanda. Last weekend we drove up to the house in which we will eventually be living. At the moment it’s being renovated so we just wanted to check on the progress. As everything seemed to be going according to plan, we decided to go for a short walk in the area.
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