Killing dogs in Rwanda (updated)

I am a member of a Facebook group for expats in Rwanda, and it’s a great forum for literally anything – if you want to buy or sell something, get a pet, need tips about hotels, restaurants or things to do in the country and the region, look for advice on best internet provider, or just want to find friends. People also share their experiences of everyday life in Rwanda, including stories of best croissants they ever tasted, best massage and manicure in town, cool events they’ve attended, but also less cheerful stories of burglaries or thefts, bad customer service, etc. A few days ago a member posted that their two pups had been poisoned at night and died. The discussion that ensued made me want to scream… Continue reading “Killing dogs in Rwanda (updated)”

Sky is the limit

A few months ago my friends and I were driving from Kigali to Lake Kivu, and we stopped for tea and views at the Virunga Lodge near the Volcanoes National Park (I had stayed there before and wrote about it here, the views are simply spectacular). The lodge is quite a way up the hill, past a series of little villages. On the way back to the town a young boy in jeans and a well-worn T-shirt stopped us and asked for a lift to the main road. We told him to jump in and quickly found out that this was no ordinary boy. Continue reading “Sky is the limit”

Christmas in Rwanda

Before you get too excited – this post probably won’t give you too much insight into Rwandan Christmas! 😉 Mostly because I’m not spending it in the country this year, and also because, well, I didn’t feel particularly Christmassy until I got to Europe as there isn’t much of the so-called Christmas spirit in Kigali… Not that it’s a bad thing though! Read on to find out why 🙂 Continue reading “Christmas in Rwanda”

At the post office in Kigali

Last week I visited the Kigali post office, which is called Iposita. I had a parcel to send to another continent, and it needs to get there before Christmas or ideally before 6 December (it’s a Secret Santa gift for one the members of my Polish lady bloggers club 🙂 ). I was curious about this experience as, you know, visiting post offices in various places around the world can be a slightly frustrating experience sometimes 😉   Continue reading “At the post office in Kigali”

My little zoo :)

It’s been a while since I last posted, mostly due to quite a bit of travelling I did in September. So I’m back now with a light post about my animals, i.e. two chickens, a rabbit, and a cat 🙂 I’ve already mentioned the chooks when they first appeared and got you an update afterwards, but it’s a different story now! The rainy season has come, it’s cloudy today, so perfect timing to sit down with a cup of tea and tell you a bit about where all these creatures came from and how they get on with each other 🙂  Continue reading “My little zoo :)”