Test Kitchen in Cape Town, a foodie heaven!

My name is Marianna Jędrzejczyk (if I was English, I would simply be Andrews 😉 ) and I was born in Szczecin, Poland, but spent most of my childhood in Łódź (also Poland, in case those bonkers letters confused you again – it actually means Boat but there’s no river or sea there 😀 ). I did English Studies at the University of Warsaw and then got a job at the British Embassy in Warsaw. This is where I met my partner, and after 4 years his next job took us to South Africa for another 4 amazing years. Unfortunately, this wonderful time came to an end, but T’s next assignment is in Rwanda – so this is going to be our home for the next couple of years! I used to write a blog while in South Afica but in Polish only. However, many of my English-speaking friends were genuinely interested in what I was posting so I decided to make this new blog bilingual. And why blog at all? Well, when I moved to South Africa, I realised that people’s perception of this country was full of stereotypes, mostly negative. So I embarked on a mission to show South Africa’s more beautiful face. I wrote about its fabulous nature, national parks, fantastic food and wine, and its incredible people. I tried to stay away from politics, although I did write quite a bit about Oscar Pistorius’ trial! It appears that Rwanda suffers even more from negative publicity – genocide is probably the only thing that comes to your mind when you think about it, and maybe mountain gorillas. Anything else? Did you know that Rwanda has the ambition to become the Singapore of Africa? When I visited last year, the internet in the capital, Kigali, was 9 times faster than in Pretoria. The number of start-ups and building sites was quite overwhelming. It was also the cleanest place I’ve been to in Africa – plastic bags are illegal in Rwanda. There are lots of other cool things happening there – and I am planning to check them all out 🙂 Let’s see where this blog takes me!

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