News from the coop

It turns out there are some fans of poultry among the readers of my blog, hence this update on the chicken situation 🙂 

In my previous post I mentioned that our new hens are a bit shy and don’t really want to leave the coop. Today I decided to get them out and put them in the garden. Both seemed very bemused and for a few minutes just walked around one bush, clucking melodiously and clearly clueless about what to do with this big space around. I suppose that before they were either in a cage or a very small yard, and simply didn’t know that there is more to life than that. Slowly they started to move away a bit and peck on the grass. I sat with them for a while and tried to feed them fruit and veg scraps as the chicken food available here isn’t particularly nourishing. The old hens would throw themselves on such treats as mango stone or tree tomato peel and peck the hell out of the remaining flesh. These guys, however, although clearly interested in the contents of the plastic container I put in front of them (that’s where I put all the peels and scraps, mostly for the rabbit – which I don’t think I’ve mentioned before but now is not the time! 🙂 ), but they didn’t eat anything. They tasted this and that, and spat it all out. It appears that I will need to introduce new flavours slowly and with lots of patience 🙂 The chooks look really healthy though, they have lovely combs and seem well groomed, but they clearly lack diversity in their food. This morning I found bits of a broken egg inside and outside the coop. The hen probably laid it on the hard floor instead of the soft nesting area, so it broke and only the shell was left (I think they ate the rest, which may indicate protein deficiency), and it’s very thin. Their predecessors laid quite big eggs with a pretty hard shell, so these girls clearly need some extra TLC! 🙂 The garden walk also showed their different characters. One hen disappeared at one point and I finally found her after good 10 minutes of running around the garden. She was back in the coop, which demonstrates her good sense of observation and orientation as it’s at the bottom of the garden, in a corner behind banana trees, and to get there you need to walk down a few steps. That’s the “smart one” then, as the other is definitely shier and seems a bit dim 😉 She tends to follow the clever girl and imitate her, including the attempts at flying – the “smart one” is way more skilled at covering a distance of more than one metre 🙂 But both are very cute and very much intrigued by me and the cat, which in turns pays them no attention whatsoever 😉

The cat loves to roll in the dirt right there 😉
Inspection of veggie scraps. Lots of clucking, no consumption!

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